How it works

  • Present your loyalty card each time you buy food/drinks at Krunch

  • Earn 5% of your purchase value to spend on your next visit to Krunch (you will receive an SMS each time you purchase indicating your current balance)

  • Tell your friends about our loyalty programme and start spreading the Krunch love


How to I get a Krunch Loyalty Card?
Visit any Krunch store and ask for an application form. Fill in the form and you will receive your card immediately
Is the information I provide on the form confidential?
Yes, we will never share your sensitive information without your consent
How much does the card cost?
It is free!
I got a loyalty card today, can my past purchases be credited?
Unfortunately not
Does my cash back expire?
Yes, after 12 months
How do I spend my cash back?
Visit any Krunch store and present your card to the cashier when paying and your bill will be reduced by the value of your cash back available
How do I report a lost or stolen card?
Either visit a Krunch store and inform the manager on duty or simply email
How do I check my cash back balance?
After every purchase using your Krunch loyalty card, you will receive an SMS which shows you your balance. Alternatively ask in store